Dyson AM07 Tower Fan, THE F

Keep Cool With The New Dyson AM Range

So, Dyson. You know the name. Probably automatically think of those floor up-sucking vacuums or years of innovative technology. Maybe even those bladeless oscillating fans that cool every corner of the room, corner of the desk or room or the house.

Yes, they’re synonymous with stylish design, chic aesthetics and supremely awesome functionality that requires little-to-no set-up time, down-time, side-time (whatever that is) or anything in-between in terms of  time than the raw and pure enjoyment (if you can call cleaning a floor enjoyment) of the use of their products.

Dyson AM07 Tower Fan, THE F

Their latest addition is a reinvigoration of the bladeless fan, the Dyson AM06 and AM07 products: bladeless fans at the top of their game, with great gusto sending quivers of inferiority down the spines of its competition. In few words; they’re awesome fans. I remember their debut when I was a child, baffled at how a fan managed to cool a room so easily without blades or anything mobile that actually did the work. Little did I know all the workings were internal and the magic of aerodynamics comes greatly into play. To this day, these things still are, only with the AM07, they’ve been refined so dramatically you quite honestly don’t even know the fan is on and feel degrees cooler in a matter of seconds.

Dyson AM07 Tower Fan, THE F 3

With each fan and production of anything Dyson, a huge deal of engineering impressiveness goes into each machine that works with audio and physical components that extends pretty far beyond the understanding of most people. Here, they even put together a video to explain the cleverness with which it’s been made by the man who created it, himself…

The AM07 tower fan operates on the same principles as even the first original Dyson bladeless fan. It’s taller, shooting out a greater more elongated oblong of air at its user, is quieter thanks to the improved Helmholtz cavity (HUH? Read here) and looks incredibly sexy as far as inanimate bladeless cooling systems go.

At only $649 from all good electrical and homewares stores, it’s an investment worth investing in.

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