Finding inner peace at Kaya Health Clubs

You’ve never felt so much peace and good health at a bowling alley until you’ve entered Kaya Health Clubs on Chapel Street, Melbourne.

Well… That is, at least, what used to be a bowling alley. Since taking it over just under two years ago, they have gutted it, renovated and turned it into a dark, warm and welcoming health club. It bucks the trend of all other health clubs and fitness centres in the suburbs surrounding it by focusing on the holistic health of its members through all yoga types and pilates instead of the traditional exercise methods.

Though exercises like cycling, cross training and weights are still available, the beauty of the club is that for yoga and pilates aficionados, it attracts a different yet like-minded clientele that adds to the homely welcome feel of the very clean, very professional and very stylish health club.

Founded almost two years ago by husband and wife couple Christian and Koula Ruggeri, health and fitness mavens themselves, Kaya has climbed its way to the top of the ranks in the field of yoga, pilates and general health and well being in Melbourne.

With views to expand (a second club said to be opening soon in central Melbourne) and nothing but positive attitudes and a constantly growing fan base to support them, the Kaya name is sure to be something we see increasingly more of.

Christian and I managed to have a chat on one of my few visits to the club to try out its services, see its amenities and be taught by a range of yoga and pilates instructors who more than know their stuff.

A refreshing experience coupled with and refreshing insight, how can you say no?

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Your history proves that you’ve got a passion for health and wellbeing and have worked in various capacities in the industry for a combined great number of years. Why?

It’s one of the only industries I know of that ‘gives back’ and makes people ‘feel good’. It’s such a positive industry to work in. I don’t see it as work.

I get such a buzz seeing members who may have initially been apprehensive on experiencing Yoga or Pilates as they felt intimidated / unsure / out of their comfort zone. To then see these members visit us regularly and above all achieving their goals, feeling great and ‘thanking you’ for it, makes what we do so rewarding.

Many members walk into the club at times ‘unhappy’ after a long day at work. You can see ‘stress’ written all over their face and not to mention sense the tension. Having them post class walk out ‘smiling’ and saying ‘thanks’ is so gratifying. We make people FEEL GOOD!

Why yoga and Pilates?

They aren’t fads!

At Kaya we provide members with Authentic / traditional Yoga and Pilates. We’re not into hybrid / fusion versions and we aren’t interested in fads which the industry in notorious for.

Our vision at Kaya has always been to provide members with a sanctuary where they can achieve their health and wellbeing aspirations through an array of specialised Mind and Body programmes.

Our purpose is to provide members with an affordable, authentic and memorable experience each and every time they visit us.

Your club has a reputation for taking what most gyms and private practises offer to the next level. How important was that for you in appealing to the South Yarra-esque market?

At Kaya we like comparing ourselves to Pilates and Yoga studios in the area rather than ‘health clubs / gyms’. The level of specialised instruction, care and attention to technique is what sets us apart and keeps our members coming for more.

At Kaya we’re able to provide our community with unlimited access to over 125 specialised classes per week at convenient times and above all we make it affordable / accessible…

What sort of clients do you get in the club?

We’re the club of choice for The Australian ballet and The Melbourne Storm. The players and dancers visit class predominately for Pilates and Yoga.

We attract ‘real’ people. What I mean by real, is individuals wishing to work out in a non-intimidating / genuinely positive environment.

Our community is made up of health conscious members who understand the importance of exercise and mind/body programmes. Who seek ‘specialised’ instruction and guidance in classes!

More and more males are realising the importance of ‘softer’ yet ‘challenging’ programmes such as Yoga and Pilates.

A typical Kaya member is someone that prior to joining us was paying for a ‘gym membership’ and also did Pilates and/or Yoga on the side at a studio, as they sort specialised attention/instruction/knowledge that ‘health clubs’ generally don’t provide.

Rather than visiting three different locations and paying loads – members can pay a low weekly fee and attend all classes and access our cardio and weights dedicated zones.

At Kaya we also have Boxing-Circuit, Spinning®, and Zumba Fitness® classes.

How have the past few years been for business since opening?

We have been very fortunate that our community has embraced the Kaya brand and philosophy. Overall, our members love what we’re providing!

Are yoga and Pilates still a popular exercise regimen?

Absolutely! They are only becoming even more popular as awareness is rising.

At Kaya we’re not interested in fads. We’re only interested in providing our members with ‘authentic’ programmes.

Pilates and Yoga practised correctly with the right guidance of a traditional well educated teacher will remain high on the popularity list.

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