Aye Aye Kapten & Son!

When it comes down to style, we’re all bound to hop on the bandwagon every now and then, but how ready are we to jump ship?

Cue Kapten & Son, the nautical accessory line of watches, sunglasses and shorts fit for the summer season that we’ve been waiting for.


Hosting a pop-up store in Sydney’s trendy Surry Hills district over the weekend, Kapten & Son’s display of beautifully packaged accessories immersed us in a realm where the perfect holiday present is not a perilous ten-hour search through DJ’s, with gifts suited to every age group, gender and relationship.

You can expect to find everything from polarised sunglasses to more sophisticated shapes, with the classic and mirrored collections featuring over 30 different styles, available in four lens colours.

In addition, Kapten & Son’s diverse line of watches are extremely customisable, with black or white watch faces, silver, gold or rose gold case colours and quality and care interwoven into the interchangeable mesh, nylon, leather and canvas bands.

It’s important to note the point of difference that comes with Kapten & Son. Other than high-end quality for affordable prices and the iconic anchor crest on the watch face and glasses, each item comes with a personality.


Speaking to the ‘brain children’ behind the operation Michael and Chris proves that. With an emphasis on bringing out the individual’s style and history in each watch and set of glasses, the pair display their creativity and down to earth ethos with a band of equally unique and genuine characters and co-workers from Melbourne.

“The mission is simple,” says Chris. “Accessories with character for every kind of character.”

Boasting a following of over 450k, the stunning visuals on Instagram and social media do Kapten & Son’s line every bit of justice, that can only be surpassed by hearing the rhythmic tick of each second you’re wearing one on your wrist.

If there’s anything we want for this holiday season, it’d #bekapten.








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