Kate Moss X TopShop

Nick Grimshaw isn’t a name we hear all too often (or ever) in Australia, but in England he holds a position of enough esteem to find himself good pals with international modelling powerhouse, Kate Moss.

She, however, is a name we see bandied about often, which is no surprise even more so now that recently her collaboration with leading UK retailer TopShop and Nowness has been released, showcasing many TopShop pieces that are both fashion forward and accessible.

To celebrate, TopShop and Nowness have created a series of short films focusing on the supermodel’s world through interviews and behind-the-scenes of Fashion Week using the model’s friends who’ve all influenced her career. Each of the films shows its own kind of identity, touching on varying aspects of Kate Moss, the relationship they all share with her and of course why this collaboration is just so awesome.

Nick Grimshaw’s interview is one such instalment, focusing on frivolous times when he and Kate Moss were younger, harking back to the both good-and-bad influence they both proved to be on one another.

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