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Johnnie Walker’s first Blue Label ‘Ghost and Rare’ release

For any whiskey connoisseur, there’s a thrill of excitement that comes with getting to have a sip of something truly rare. Not just, ‘top shelf at the local pub, $15 a glass’ rare, but once-in-a-lifetime rare; a whiskey that’s either made in very small quantities, comes from extremely far away, or has even stopped being produced.

Johnnie Walker has gone above and beyond for all the connoisseurs out there and made a spirit that is all three. The newly-announced Blue Label Ghost and Rare collection blends together eight extremely rare whiskeys: five from the Glenlossie, Cameronbridge, Clynelish, Glenkinchie, and Royal Lochnagar distilleries, and three from ‘silent’ distilleries Pittyvaich, Cambus, and Brora. The single malt from Brora sits at the heart of this particular release, giving the extremely-sippable blend a smoky pineapple taste with a smooth and velvety hazlenut finish.

Johnnie Walker whiskey blue bottles

Far from the stock-standard bottle of Johnnie you keep on display in the lounge room, this is a blend to be treasured: a drinkable piece of history, a trip back in to the past of the Scottish highlands that you can take from the comfort of your favourite barstool.

If you’re interested, get in quick: there have been very few bottles produced, and the majority of them have already been sold to private collectors and bars around Australia. But if you’re particularly eagle-eyed, you just might spot the final few bottles at a Dan Murphy’s near you

Johnnie Walker whiskey blue bottle

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