Joel Creasey is The Hurricane

About as cras as the best of them and as randomly influenced as everyone else, Joel Creasey is one of Australia’s most successful young comedic stories that is going nowhere but the up-and-up.

Riding the wave of success since he came into the fore after a successful earlier history in stand-up comedy as a young teen, he – now still young at 24 – is back yet again with his latest instalment during Melbourne’s International Comedy Festival, The Hurricane.

Why his show is called The Hurricane, not even he knows, but from first hand account, wow how the show feels like one.

Tucked away in the bowels of Melbourne’s Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), Creasey’s show takes you on a figurative whirlwind of hilarity that spurs from seemingly random, but carefully curated elements of the comedian’s life.

From his prominent appearance on Australia’s first debut of I’m a celebrity, get me out of here, to funny and spite-filled run-ins with Hollywood’s elite, there’s no avoiding the fact that Creasey is as adventurous and busy as his career has dictated. Add in a few hints of gay sex parties, light smatterings of further romantic and sexual escapades, all with the undertone of a sexually frustrated and homosexually charged young comedian in a big city, Creasey’s content is as wild and haphazard as it is seamless.

You can’t help feel for the audience members who either aren’t gay nor understand what exactly goes on in that world, but it’s the gawdy professionalism with which he makes everyone feel welcome regardless of stereotypes and archetypes that sets him apart.

It’s admittedly easy to dismiss Creasey as using humour based on easy life-grabs from a lifestyle that to most outside of it seems all glitz, glam and hilarity, but it’s his entwining of these elements in-with his own brand of humour and refreshing local Australian quips that make him so enjoyable.

Recommended? Definitely. See more at the website.

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  1. Jen says:

    Future Bill Hicks; very funny guy.