Jetstar Found There Are 3 Things That Make Australians Happy In Winter!

It’s winter. The clouds have come and the depression sets-in. Time to get away.

Jetstar has commissioned some pretty fun look-ins to the social habits of Aussies during the winter months that has revealed where we’d much rather be.

Turns out travel really is the ticket to happiness we all knew it was and if that wasn’t enough, everyone’s top ‘happiness’ destination is Hawai’i! `A`ole hiki ke `alo a`e!

What they did was stalk over 1,300 Instagram images posted by Jetstar fans to find out what makes Australians happy when they travel. After the tropical paradise of Hawaii (15%), which topped the list, came the Sunshine State of Queensland (13%) showing that it is beach getaways that hold the top spots on the happy holiday hit list. Meanwhile, almost one in 10 (8 per cent) of the photos featured Australian holiday hotspot Bali, with European destinations (11 per cent) and the USA (8.5 per cent) also making holidaymakers’ lives.

The images have been collected to create a first-of-its-kind film with renowned French artist and musician, Hierophante. The video content features hundreds of carefully curated images from fans all over Australia! They even gave us all a chance to be apart of it!

It’s a kinda cool idea and just goes to show how much Instagram and beaches complete us.

In true Jetstar style, many fans showed they knew how to let their hair down on holiday with a classic selfie. The “Jetstar Jump” was present in more than half (51 per cent) of the Instagram photos.

Sometimes you just can’t fight the urge. Don’t you agree @Jack_bolshaw ? #Jetstarjump #Wanaka #NewZealand #JetstarAustralia

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