Jeep Portsea Polo 2013

Amidst a sea of stunning fake tan applications, sturdy chunky wedges – and conversely safe Jesus sandal flats – sheer overdresses – apparently a trend that went unbeknownst to me – and peroxide blonde locks, the thirteenth annual Jeep Portsea Polo in the pleasantly wind-blasted Point Nepean Quarantine Zone again took place.

It was a visual feast for those, fans of the equine and others with a penchant for gawking at local fashion exhibitions, expertly – and some not so much – exhibited on the bodies of men and women from both the public and VIP realms.

The polo went off without a hitch with chukka-after-exhilerating-chukka passing by and polo-team-after-pleased-polo-team being awarded recognition for their efforts, emphatically narrated by a team of well-educated-in-the-ways-of-polo commentators.

As young members, VIPs and corporate marquee guests enjoyed the honestly hospitable welcomes of their respective perches for the day, alcohol and beverages by sponsors such as Peroni, Bulmers and Splitrock were sucked back with glee, giving way to the always pleasant public displays of shoelessness and drunken dancing that is always so welcomed at a day of sport dubbed once the sport of kings.

Reminiscent of the annual Spring Racing Carnival at Flemington, the Jeep Portsea Polo’s layout placed great emphasis on the centre of the field, which played stage to such traditional and visually exciting displays as the divet stomp and landing via skydive of the Richmond football captain; a novel and unexpected little addition to the day.

As ‘celebrities’ such as Rebecca Judd, Lara Bingle and others swanned through the host’s marquees and jostled with the public to watch horses display their agility and aptitude to chase a ball, media and photographers snapped wildly at their outfits and presentation skills, bypassing much of the fanfare of the polo matches at play, which proved that in fact, no one knows indeed how to play or appreciate the game.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Estrada.

Thanks to Pierucci Melbourne for helping my wardrobe.



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