Jean Paul Gaultier For Target Australia

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d know that Target has over the years upped-its-ante and really made that French accent with which most of us jokingly pronounce its name a pretty worthwhile fit.

Whether it’s Missoni, Dion Lee or Dannii Minogue, Target is all about capsule collections in amongst its regular day-to-day that set it apart from its underwhelming competition and offer its loyal base of national customers something more than basic. Their latest capsule collaboration with French designer extraordinaire who’s reputation is so flooring words don’t do it justice, Jean Paul Gaultier, is so nice, so pretty and so surprisingly practical that their initiative and selectiveness is actually worth applauding. The collection is a part of the Target X Jean Paul Gaultier capsule and is beyond merely nice. The man is one of fashion and design’s must-knows and off the back of his last Australian project (LINK to JPG at NGV), Gaultier is incredibly well-established in Australia as all of the couturier, ready-to-wear designer and artistic collaborator with an eye you want to want.

JPG Target, THE F 2

Gaultier has since taken a step back from his ready-to-wear collections work to focus personally on his couture range, taking his skills back to the finer points of his walk of life for those who have the understanding, taste and money to appreciate it.

That, though, is what’s great about what Target offers; its taste and affordability (though different to affording the designer’s actual work). For mediocre prices, JPG X Target can enter your home with Gaultier’s trademark nautical blue and white horizontal stripes, brighten your home, chic-up your collection and further celebrate Target as the leader of doing decent stuff for accessible design.

JPG Target, THE F  3


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