Jaybird Wireless Earphones Will Change The Way You Exercise

What’s exercise without music?

BORING! That’s what.

And that’s also why Jaybird and their new Freedom Wireless Buds are the latest and greatest addition to the world of activewear you can’t do without. Forget Lulu Lemon and all that spandex and go for the tech that genuinely changes the way you exercise, by working with your body to optimise what you get out.

Jaybird is from the US and was recently acquired by legendary and rapidly-expanding tech company, Logitech. Their wireless buds are their ergonomically designed earphones for exercise, complete with a range of adaptations and options via its own app that allows total and complete customisation.

With the Jaybird Freedom Buds, you get micro-sized sand blasted metal housing in nifty little package. Traditionally, in-ear Bluetooth buds use plastic materials to assist with signal performance, but Jaybird has overcome these challenges by moving all electronics to its miniaturised three button controller while still delivering a handy eight hours of play time (four hours play time with an additional four hours through the listen-while-you-charge charging clip).

That listen-while-you-charge is quite unique to Jaybird, and something that works with the simple addition of the lightweight charger on while driving to the gym or during your workout and get an extra hour of playtime in just 20 minutes.

From the gym, to the streets, trails, office or anywhere in-between you clearly need the Jaybird Freedom Buds.


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