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Japanimation: The video series featuring AC Milan by Toyo Tires & Rubber

It’s not every day the world’s greatest soccer teams are tossed over to the brilliant minds of Japanese animators, but when they are, you know you wanna see.

AC Milan has been ‘Japanimated’ thanks to the TOYO TIRE & RUBBER Co. Ltd., who have partnered with creator Yoichi Takahashi to create the pretty impressive animation of a European football clash of epic proportions.

Toyo Tires AC MIlan Manga running

Revealed on 7 December 2017, the video has already garnered millions of views – off the back of its three predecessors, see below – and is themed around “Surprising the world”, with the inclusion of Captain Tubasa a manga cartoon about football, that is loved around the world,

Complete with dramatic Japanese cartoon characteristics and fast-paced footage, the videos – all of which are set in Japan – show AC Milan’s players together with the pros of a local Japanese team, Gamba Osaka, a local team Toyo Tires is proud to support.

Toyo Tires AC MIlan Manga Gamba Osaka

It kicks off with a video of a trip on a team bus where Riccardo Montolivo is casually reading a manga – until a car suddenly jumps out of it.

After a series of furious drifts, the AC Milan players exit a Mercedes G63, while the Gamba Osaka players get out of a Mercedes SL400. Both cars are equipped with Toyo Tires’ own PROXES series of tires.

Toyo Tires AC MIlan Manga mercedes

Using a clever almost augmented reality approach, the video shows the football pros facing-off in a drift-off; a breakneck duel that takes place alternately in the real and animated world.

The stage of the battle shifts to some of Osaka’s most locations, with the chief ingredient of the city’s famous Takoyaki (octopus balls) also making a special guest appearance.

Toyo Tires AC MIlan Manga landed

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“The amazing pass-work from the AC Milan players, as well the car chase featuring G63 and SL400 Mercedes cars customised in each teams’ colour, are a must-see,” said the head of Toyo Tires’ brand communication team, Yoshiyuki Morikuni.

Toyo Tires AC MIlan Manga soccer

See the incredibly done, whole campaign website here.

Watch the video below…

And see the other videos in the series here with videos one, two and three below…

Video one, the AC Milan vs. Super Car by TOYO TIRES:

Video two, the Chase in Milan Japanese edition:

Video three, AC Milan vs. Drift Cars:


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