Jamies Italian Primavera Ravioli

Jamie’s Italian’s $10 pasta special is back this January

No one says ‘no’ to carbs and when they’re as good as the hot bowls of it that’s pumped out of the kitchen at Jamie’s Italian, it’s not surprising.

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For two weeks through January, Jamie’s Italian restaurants around Australia are offering-up $10 bowls of pasta to start the winter carb-load early.

Week one runs from 25-21 January with fresh crab spaghetti, primavera ravioli and veggie tagliatelle on the menu. Sorry Perth, you don’t get the primavera ravioli, but mushroom is on the menu for you.

Meanwhile, week two run 22-31 January, sporting the delish octopus ravioli, prawn linguine and truffle tagliatelle at all venues.

Up for grabs at lunch and dinner, it’s a no-brainer.

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Jamies Italian Fresh Crab Spaghetti

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