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Jamaica Blue: go behind-the-beans with Head of Coffee, Jeremy Regan

Jamaica Blue has been around for twenty odd years and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

It’s probably down to all that coffee they’re about. Sourcing from hither and thither, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Panama, Ethiopia and other such gloriously exotic places, these beans have been intrepidly hunted down and we get to be the lucky coffee addicts to sip and slurp the magical liquid down.

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While most of us groggily meet the morning with a scowl and a ‘how dare you?’ seeking desperately whatever form of coffee that lifts us up to where we belong, i.e., on the clouds of success and consciousness, have you ever stopped to just bathe in the scent and knowledge of the journey this coffee has made?

Yeah us neither, so that’s why it was eye opening to be taken on the Jamaica Blue coffee journey, caffeine and knowledge make a powerful combo.

Jamaica Blue Media Roastery Tour barista

It is actually quite complicated. Think more the journey to Eldorado than the waddle to your local servo. Getting an incredible cup of coffee to cradle and warm your insides and get the gears going takes far more pairs of hands and full hearts than we realise.

Jamaica Blue’s chief coffee connoisseur, Jeremy Regan told us that from crop to cup at least 120 pairs of hands have lovingly sent the coffee on its way to your happy heart.

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It starts with the coffee tree. Coffee is actually a fruit and its tree must grow and develop for over three years before it yields any coffee “fruit”.

This means farmers have to trust their guts, buyers and weather, it’s all a bigger gamble than other crops and so good partnerships like the ones Jamaica Blue have sought to create ensure high quality coffee from high quality beans.

The amount of quality checks went over our heads but there sure are a lot of them. Examinations of colour, smell, taste, shape and composition are conducted by all major parties from the farmers, to the coffee brokers and the final buyer.

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Jamaica Blue’s process has been set up to deliver the optimal flavour note balance to woo the senses in each and ever packet of coffee. And we are ever so grateful.

Jamaica Blue won the 2017 Golden Bean, essentially the Oscars for coffee and that puts their accolades right up there where their flavour notes are, filtered right in the middle of a whole heap of hard work, planning, roasting, testing, tasting and quality. Forget Jack and that beanstalk, Jamaica Blue has us being the keenest of beans.

For more about Jamaica Blue coffee and where to get it at their website.

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