The Many Ways Jake Dyson Is Making Lighting Incredible With The CSYS Task Light

Dyson is a name you know for the vacuum cleaners. It changes on reputation depending on where you are around the world, but regardless of what comes to mind when the family name-come-global business mammoth comes to mind, you think one thing: quality.

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Dyson’s latest venture is no stranger to that. Jake Dyson, son of the man who started it all, Sir James Dyson, has taken it upon himself to reinvent what it means to light light your home, in a leap forward into the future of domestic and workplace lighting that you’d’ve never predicted.

The CSYS Task Light (pron. seesis) is the fruit of his labour and a piece of creatively designed, lifestyle pragmatic machinery that has to be seen and touched to be believed.

For a light, the design elements are easy to overlook, but it’s only once you scratch the surface and notice things you didn’t even realise you did that the true magic, time and energy it took to create it, truly comes to light. You just have to walk into a room lit entirely by them to see first hand…

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The Task Light Lasts A Long Time.

Firstly, the CSYS Task Light – depending on in which point of your life your purchased it – might genuinely outlive you. A shocking realisation, but given we’re in the age of technology outliving people in more ways than one, not altogether all that foreign.

The light is estimated to last around 144,000 hours or about 37 years minimum, give-or-take, so be prepared to live with the design-strong light as a feature in your home, work space or life for a while to come.

This is possible thanks in large part by Jake bringing the magic of satellite heat pipe technology into the light itself. In a nutshell, by embedding heat pipes in the extruding arm of the light, heat is evacuated from the LED light chips, meaning they’re less likely to die sooner. Heat pipes are tiny copper tubes that are vacuum-sealed with a mere drop of water inside. When one of the pipe heats up, it quickly and vastly disperses the heat energy through the entirety of the pipe to the other end away from the source, allowing the hot end to cool in a fraction of time. When use on a piece of design like this, it means the light itself is cool to touch and the LEDs won’t fry themselves.

Hence, a light that in theory will outlast your patience for it!

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Where Does The Light Come From?

In an aesthetic milestone that is as astounding to be surrounded by as it is to actively witness, the light has been designed with ease on the human eye at heart. It’s designed to illuminate but not agitate, as many other high-powered, mainstream office or home lights do.

The beauty about the CSYS Task Light is that thanks in large part to the fact it functions entirely on never-to-be-replaced LEDs that are embedded into the head of the arm of the fixture, the actual source of illumination is unnoticeable. It’s only when you realise you can’t see any harsh globes or irritating sources from where the light comes you notice just how seamlessly the light works with life.

Couple this with the fact the CSYS Task Light is rotatable 360-degrees, extendable and adjustable in height, the versatility of the light means it can provide wide, even light distribution over a surface at height, or hone-in on a smaller area of focus when lowered. It’s a truly phenomenal design.

Clever, right?

The Jake Dyson CSYS Task Light is a must for life. With its ease of assemblage (it comes in two pieces with four screws and a power cord), chic design that celebrates raw features with timelessly intelligent human ease and flawlessly versatile use, whether it be for lighting a room or focusing on a minute task-at-hand, the light is a modern day wonder, hands down.

Find out more about the Jake Dyson CSYS Task Light here by Jake Dyson who can describe it better than anyone…






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