Jack The Snipper

Based in Byron Bay, the guys at Jack The Snipper have created something great.

Playing on the rule of threes and having discovered a bit of a need for decent hair product in the men’s hair market that hasn’t quite been addressed for a reasonable price in a long time, the brand’s three types of hair grooming products, Original Pomade, Original Matte Creme and Original Styling Creme are great bathroom buddies.

The new pomade is a vibrant pomegranate colour, is 100% water soluble and works on all hair types, especially shorter styles that are after a firm hold and dapper look. This has taken prime position in my morning ritual of late.

The Original Matte Creme is a smooth, white consistency product that has a strong hold, absolutely zero shine and makes the hair feel as matted as it looks. Not bad for the teen who sports that awful mop-like haircut or the more stylish gent who’s after a refined ‘I woke-up like this’ look.

At only $22 per go, they’re an affordable, easy-to-use and reliable product.

Jack the Snipper pomade

Jack the Snipper products


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