Jack London SS15 Runway, MSFW

Effortlessly sharp regardless of how well you know how to dress, personified in beautifully tailored pieces; this is Jack London.

Using Melbourne Spring Fashion Week as the platform to showcase their new collection, it’s easy to see why the brand is quickly becoming a staple in the Melbourne man’s wardrobe.

Taking inspiration from British legend David Bowie, the spring collection continued to add a rock and roll flair to the modern day suit.

From the outset this season seems almost a tribute to the British flag, showcasing a multitude of pieces in red, white and blue; yet dig a little deeper and you’ll find bright coloured blazers and Caribbean inspired shirts, set to ensure every man can ‘suit up’ in their own unique way.

The real excitement from the new collection, however, didn’t just come from the suits themselves, but from an item often overlooked; shoes!

This is where Jack London’s real eye for detail once again shone. In offsetting each pair of shoes with rolled pant cuffs, the collection really allowed their stunning leather boots and side laced leather shoes to become a hero, rather than just a staple.

The new collection is one you definitely can’t miss.

Jack London MSFW Runway, THE F 1


Jack London MSFW Runway, THE F 2


Jack London MSFW Runway, THE F 3


Jack London MSFW Runway, THE F 4


Jack London MSFW Runway, THE F 5


Jack London MSFW Runway, THE F 6

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