What it is to have a ‘Jack Daniels Thanksgiving’

Jack Daniel’s throws a good party and to prove it, they outdid any Thanksgiving dinner that has gone before showcasing their Whiskey no.7 in its new handy sip size can.


Southern hospitality, you know nuthin’ until you’ve had yourself stuffed to the brim with the most wholesome goodness that can be mustered from this good earth. The Three Blue Ducks rose up as the champion culinary mate you could only drool for.


To be specific, Jack Daniel’s, why, he’s from the South, the fair county that is Tennessee and they absolutely do nuthin’ by halves. Hospitality is HOSPITALITY, with ‘oh my gosh, I’m so sorry I can’t eat anymore, whut, whut, there’s more pie, well ok, just one more piece’ resounding around your head.


If you’ve ever known Jack you know it’s all smooth flavour, all the time, with all the pizzazz of Tennessee ready to unfurl on your non-Tennessee-as palette. What is it they make? They make whiskey in the South. And the bottles of Jack Daniel’s goodness are such a darn precious size, you can take them on any mustering/ casual stroll to the coast you have cause to go on. It’s the type of Whiskey that could herd a thousand cattle in the blink of an eye and hum some deep Blue Grass to boot. A Jack Daniel’s whiskey and coke never did sit so nicely as next to a plate overflowing with tender, juicy, slow cooked pork. Dare we even tell what the Three Blue Ducks served up? Oh hell, here goes.



The pork in question, why, it was slow cooked over 24 hours. Yes, 24 hours. Toto, it’s certainly a far cry from the 2 minute instant noodles. Very far. The fire it was crackling and curving skyward as did our hopes and dream. The prospect of downing what the Three Blue Ducks could muster could make even the burliest lumberjack giddy. And all the while we knew that Jack Daniel’s no.7 was seeped through it all. Oh mama.


Are you game for?


  • Fried Chicken with Jack Daniel’s House Hot Sauce
  • Crab Boil with Homemade Corn bread
  • 24 hour slow cooked Hickory Hog – drizzled with Jack Daniel’s whiskey.
  • Juicy greens with bread sauce
  • Coleslaw with more flavour that can be safely held in the mouth
  • Chicken fat Potatoes (move over macas, you’ll travel through any heat wave for these)


Oh, and casually:

  • Smores with whiskey ice cream
  • Mama’s pumpkin pie


A warning, you’ll barely be able to move once you leave the tender clutches of Jack Daniel’s. But no need to fear, just muster up your steed, a few cans of no. 7 and trot on home, son.













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