Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel ‘Singular Moments’ Series

With over half of the drinks currently consumed in Australia being whisky, it’s becoming obvious that the drink – once the sole domain of dorky dads and twenty-something finance dudes looking to impress – is having a resurgence. And why not? There’s enough lore behind the humble spirit to keep even the biggest of booze nerds interested, and so many varieties that the pickiest of consoisseurs will be able to find something they enjoy.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular whiskys is Jack Daniel’s, the North American import that just so happens to be the highest-selling whisky in the world. To mark the release of the new Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel bottling, brand ambassador Stuart Reeves joined Masterchef alumni Andy Allen for the Singular Moments series, held at Palm House in Sydney’s Botanical Gardens.

The evening begun with an experience we were informed no others have ever had – an after-dark tour of the Botanical Gardens, conducted on a small train. Each of the Singular Moments series has been centered around similarly unique experiences – the previous event had been held in a cave in Western Australia’s Yanchep National Park. Drawing inspiration from the Single Barrel release, of which there is no two bottle exactly the same, the events were designed to give attendees an experience like no other.

Stepping in to Palm House out of the chill, we were immediately treated to canapes and cocktails designed by Andy Allen, a previous Masterchef winner and the Chef at Three Blue Ducks. Allen also designed the menu for the evening, a parsnip soup with croutons and speck, and a burnt meringue dessert served with blue cheese and spiced pumpkin. The aim of the menu, he explained, was to show that whisky – just like wine and beer – can be paired with food and can be used to complement the flavours of a dish.

Following dinner, the night became more hands-on as brand ambassador Stuart Reeves took us through the process of making our own cocktails – and the bitters to accompany them. The Old Fashioned, once described by Melbourne cocktail haunt 1806 as ‘the perfect overcoat for a Winter’s evening’, is a simple-but-effective whisky cocktail that we were shown how to perfect. A little ice, plenty of Jack Daniels, a splash of bitters, and something sweet – I chose a maraschino cherry to accompany mine.

The new Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel is hugely exciting for whisky fans and newbies alike. If you’re seeking something a little different but don’t want to step outside the Jack Daniel’s family, this is perfect for you. From each batch of Jack Daniel’s whisky, one barrel that best encompasses the Jack Daniel’s flavour is chosen – hence the name, Single Barrel. No two bottles are exactly alike, meaning your taste and experience will be totally unique. Jack Daniel’s has been a whisky staple for longer than most of us can remember, and it’s immensely exciting to see more and more people embracing it as a meal accompaniment, a cocktail ingredient, or simply something delicious to sip neat.

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Singular Moments series - 1

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Singular Moments series - 2

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Singular Moments series - 6

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Singular Moments series - 8

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Singular Moments series - 11

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Singular Moments series - Parsnip Soup with Bites and Pieces

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