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Is doing your end of tenancy cleaning yourself a good idea?

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Imagine this, your lease has almost ended, you have already decided where you are going to move, everything is packed, all the paperwork for the new property is done, and right at that moment you find out that you cannot end the lease agreement without cleaning the place up and restoring it to its original state.

While it might not be mandatory to do a proper end of lease cleaning in Melbourne or any big city where landlords pass off as quite friendly, it is generally seen as a courtesy, considering you were the one using the place all this while.

A lot of us might think that the job is ‘no big deal’ and immediately decide to do the job ourselves. Well, unfortunately that is a grave misconception. End of lease cleaning is not a dust-off of every room of the office. It is instead, a deep cleaning process that will restore the office the way it was when you moved in. There are numerous spots you will miss, and these are usually the same spots where your landlord will pay special attention.

Here are a few reasons your business needs the help of professionals:

Experience matters

The company you will hire will not only have experience with cleaning, they have experience with end of tenancy cleaning in Melbourne. That means, they know which spots the landlord is going to pay attention to, in addition to knowing how to clean the office inside-out. Hiring a cleaning company will also rid you of the hard work and hassle associated with deep-cleaning a property.


Deep cleaning a property is not just a job that demands hard work, it also demands a LOT of time. Between, running a business and moving a running business to a new location, it is practically impossible to find the time for something like end of lease cleaning. It is thus something you should leave for the professionals.

Professionals are equipped for the job

Believe it or not, the cleaning products you have are nowhere close to efficient for a deep cleaning. The equipment that a professional cleaning company has is far superior to what you can get at the store. That means, not only are they experienced, they have all the necessary tools and equipment required for the job.

You DO NOT want to ask your employees to help with the cleaning

Let’s face it, you cannot do the whole end of tenancy thing alone, moreover it is strictly not advisable to ask your employees to help you clean the office. NOt only would this bring their moral down, it is unfair of you to ask them for something like this.


As a responsible business owner, it is your responsibility to take the decisions that are in interest of your business. Hiring a professional cleaning service for your end of tenancy cleaning is one such decision. Although, it is still important to keep in mind that at the end of the day it is a service you are paying for, and should be very careful when deciding who you give this responsibility. Always make sure you are working with a trustworthy, established, and reputable business and always sign a written contract for the services you are availing.

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