International Year of Quinoa


I’m not much one for fads, but I have to admit, this is one I’m now more than happy to align myself with.

Recently I started for no particular reason, including the superfood we all heard so much about, quinoa, into my diet. I remember hearing and reading about it a few years back but didn’t pay much attention as chips and chocolate were all too tempting. How times change, huh?

Then, in my idle bumping around the internet, I chanced upon the fact that is year, 2013, is the International Year of Quinoa! You can imagine my excitement.

Coming from the Andes and Chile, quinoa is actually an incredible food. It’s a seed related to beets and spinach and comes with it some fairly impressive nutritional tidbits.

Filled with high protein (14% by mass) levels, dietary fibre, phosphorus, magnesium and iron, calcium (handy for vegans and the lactose-intolerant) and it’s gluten-free, there’s no wonder its superfood status is still going stronger than ever.

It’s easy to cook and prepare,¬†even easier to germinate to an added punch of vitamins and¬†simple to pair with practically anything too given it’s rice-like quality: no taste and plenty of flavour-carrying capability.

If ever there was a trend to follow, this is it and try this recipe, this recipe or even this recipe. You can’t go wrong.

Quinoa can be purchased at all leading supermarkets in the ‘organic’ and ‘health foods’ sections, specialised organic retailers and super food stores.

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