International Coffee Day At The Streets Of Barangaroo Sydney

At The Streets of Barangaroo, the bean scene is warming up. In the lead up to International Coffee Day on October 1, Sydney’s finest coffee roasters are spilling the beans on what makes their brews so good.


The Precinct by Toby’s Estate is tamping the grounds on the heads of its sleek, new, low-profile espresso machine from Seattle called a Mavam that has all the hardware built-in under the counter,somewhat akin to the familiar beer tap. The Mavam brings theatrics back to coffee making and allows transparency between barista and consumer. It provides electrical heating elements that are individually programmable so the barista can ensure the temperature is stable from the first shot to the hundredth shot.


At Micro by Coffee Alchemy, Hazel de los Reyes and Clare Lim are taking delivery of their latest single-estate beans from individual farms, co-operatives or mills, known as micro-lots. “We prefer micro-lots where the production is often just a few bags,” says Hazel. “The term micro-lot is literally the crème of the crop. Farmers take a risk, cordon off a plot of trees and harvest them separately. We just came back from Sulawesi where there is a producer, Toarco Estate, experimenting with honey-processing. We have one of the two bags produced in 2016.”


Georgie Boy’s Coffee Co, George Christodoulou, is taking special orders. “Aussie bean lovers are a fussy bunch. Gone are the days of ordering a simple cappuccino. Almond, soy, cold drip, filter – you name it, they want it,” he says. “One regular orders, every day, a four-shot, large, flat white with hazelnut syrup and 10 sugars.”


The lucky residents, visitors and workers who walk The Streets of Barangaroo can take their pick of coffee spots to serve them their morning pick-me-up. They can feel the love at Luxe with its takeaway cup stamped with a big red heart, test the Turkish coffee at Anason or visit Campos’s striking, gold fit-out for a superior blend. They can give the ‘sidecar’, a batch brew filter coffee with an espresso on the side, a go at Shortstop or get a caffeine hit without the heat with an affogato from RivaReno.






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