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Eccentric clothing with a slight detail and hints of colour (when not in winter) make the bulk of my wardrobe.

Naturally I get super excited when I find menswear ranges that share my style and zest for something other than the typical male wardrobe of namely camel chinos and a checked shirt. Snore.

Insted We Smile by surfer Luke Stedman brings this exact perspective to mainstream menswear, focusing on a predominantly playful atmosphere with bold prints and some sleek suiting.

Inspired by Stedman’s travel over the world and cultural influences, he wanted to create a range of clothing for men that speaks to a certain follower, showing that men can be daring and bold, while still appropriate and appealing.

For whoever has the courage to swim against the torrent, the range of quality menswear with a unique slant is not one to pass-by.

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