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Important factors to consider when organising an event

Organising an event is always a daunting job and you cannot pull it off on your own. Here, the situation calls for skilled and committed manpower, because any of your missteps could bring a bad end to your plans and programmes. Whether it is an event to launch your new clothing line or of sports, there are some common factors which you must consider irrespective of any event type. So, the smartest way to get all your ducks in a row is by creating an expert checklist and proceed accordingly. Here, I have briefed a few common factors that will ensure the event runs smoothly without clouting any pitfalls along the way –

The why and where of your event

Organising an event costs not only time and manpower, but a lot of money, too. If you are the man in charge, you should be very clear about the purpose of your event and then decide the rest. An event management is a matter of ideation, productivity and having the quality of being exclusive at a point of time. Remember, the more genuine and benign your event’s purpose is, the easier it would be for your assistants to fundraise and achieve the objectives. Let me tip you something – if it is for a product launch, make sure your audience be your target customers only or if it is a sports event, get it well-facilitated with everything it needs, such as vending machines, green rooms, restrooms, backstage seating areas, changing rooms, foods arrangement and custom made medals or medallions in Melbourne for the award ceremony. So, remember, it’s always plush planning and preparation, regardless of any event type.

Get your words out well

It’s of utmost importance that you get your event well-marketed way prior to the due date. Marketing is integral and you must find a smart way to have your people under the slab. Modern age is more aligned with social media platforms and for your information, it’s a great and the fastest communication means mankind has got to experience lately. All that you would require in the process is outsource digital marketing service, which would further include social media marketing, email marketing, etc. Besides, you can also go for Public Relation, but it is less-preferred by the experts due to its limited reach and higher investment.

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Long-range logistics service

Logistics service covers food stalls, parking provisions, guest accommodations, complimentary transport service and the like. To put everything in the right place, you must know your traffic flow and arrange everything accordingly to ensure its smooth visit, and comfortable stay. Besides, you are advised to take care of your event signage as well, which should be precise and easy to grasp. Over-exaggerated and inept signage might land your attendees in doubt regarding “what it is all about and how to reach the venue?” The more elaborated it is, the better.

Now, going back to the food arrangement, here you should make your mind whether you want to serve main course items or only the appetizers coupled with some exotic hot drinks, e.g. Warm Mulled Cider and Mexican Spiced Hot Cocoa shall do the work. If I were to suggest anything on this, I would rather say, plan on your budget and gravity of the need.

How to keep your attendees happy

Here’s the part that should be played by an experienced event management team since they are professional, creative and most importantly, have hands-on experience. Getting your attendees engaged all through the while calls for creative plans and programmes. And, if you’re looking forward to adding something exclusive to your event, you always have to walk the extra mile, like employing an illustrious speaker, cheerleaders, post-event photo booth session and game arrangement for the kids along with great food service.

Note: Irrespective of your event type, you should always look for a worth end and great public response.


Plan a giveaway session post the function as this would not only offer you a momentary fame, but future leads and opportunities as well. However, for this, you need to look back at your budget and organisational needs again. What a majority of organisations tend to do is include everything recommended under a poor budget, which leaves them with cheap gifts, poor food quality and down and out logistic service. You better be careful and plan only the best of everything.

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