Going To iFly Indoor Skydiving Is The Next Best Thing

If you’ve ever thought about jumping out of a plane,┬árelax, because you can now basically do the same thing with basically the same experience.

Go without the sickening height, full force gravitational plummet-factor and keep your face intact by taking the professional and guiding hand of the instructors at iFly Indoor Skydiving Penrith.

Yes, putting on a vividly orange jumpsuit, you’re completely unaware as to the experience within a glass tube of incredibly fast-moving air awaits you. But you’re guaranteed to be glad you took it.

The instructors at iFly Indoor Skydiving have years of experience up their profession. Most are skydivers with hours of jumps up their sleeve who have turned the wind and natural gravity into their playground and tackle the thought of skydiving – that makes many weak at the knees – something a part of their daily ritual. Talk about impressive.

If you are after an adrenaline rush, have always been keen to try skydiving but not-so-keen on plummeting all the way to Earth to do it, this is for you.









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