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It’s not often you find a jewellery and accessories designer who offers not only quality products for affordable prices, but gives the shopper the chance to turn their piece into whatever it is they fancy.

This is exactly what iRock accessories, based in Melbourne are doing.

The brain child of husband and wife duo Tim and Sarah Freeman, lovers of all things online, retail, accessories and creation, the evolution into their own small online business was only natural. 

With a simple three step process, the iRock creation system is a simple pick-and-choose tailoring design offering for customers who are after quality pieces for affordable prices.

By simply selecting your choice of chain, pendant and syling, in minutes an order is placed, created and shipped for a new addition to the wardrobe with little-to-no-fuss.

What more can you want?

Check out iRock at irockjewellery.com and get designing!

Kyl and iRock 1

Kyl and iRock 2

Kyl and iRock 3

Model: Kyl Wilson, Chadwick Models

Stylist: Tamy Vo, THE F

Photographer: Katerina Anna

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