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Huffer: Everything you need to know about the NZ Label

A home away from home, New Zealand label Huffer celebrated its first birthday at Newtown, Sydney recently and threw a sick party to celebrate it.

Huffer Sydney party 1

Packing out the Huffer store, media celebrated the brand and its achievements so far.

It’s hard to think that Huffer is only celebrating its first birthday here when the brand has been around since 1997.

With an already established following in New Zealand, the streetwear cult brand is taking over the Australian scene. Known for its comfy basics and recognisable block logo tees, you can expect to see this brand popping around more often with summer around the corner.

Huffer Sydney party 2

It’s cool heritage sportswear feel mixed with its tailored streetwear vibe is the perfect look to add to your wardrobe.

Below are some of our favourite things to shop right now from the brand:

Huffer mens Sup Tee

Huffer men’s ‘Sup Tee’

Huffer Regiment Sup Tee

Huffer men’s Regiment ‘Sup Tee’

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