The New Huawei P9 Phone Has Launched!

Huawei is possibly one of the biggest brands you’ve never heard of. While it dominates a huge market share in the smart phone industry around Asia, the brand is still relatively unknown in Australia. This looks set to change with the release of their latest flagship P9.

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You’ll be surprised to know that one third of people around the world use a Huawei device. Sean O’Pry and Karlie Kloss featured in the brand’s first watch campaign in 2015 and last year saw a 70% growth. If that wasn’t enough, they also filed more patents than any other company.

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The brand has always focused on its camera functionality and for the P9 series, they collaborated with German camera company, Leica, to take smartphone photography to the next level. And boy, am I talking serious next level.

P9 stands out with its dual cameras, co-engineered with Leica. One shoots in colours and the other in black and white, and its internal software combines two images into one where the colours and contrast are richer than what other smartphones can produce. There are settings such as Night Shot, Time-Lapse, Light Painting which allow you to come up with some arty creation and a manual setting where you can adjust aperture, shutter speed and ISO, pretty much similar to how you would on a manual camera.

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I road tested the P9 ahead of its official release in Australia and I must admit the camera capabilities are astounding. I love photography and while I have relied on my own smartphone to snap pictures when I was too lazy to carry my SLR camera around, the end results are never what I hoped for, considering the camera functionality is simply not high-level.

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This is especially true in low-light situations or when you want your images to look professional. While there are apps that could fix up or enhance images taken on a smart phone, the P9 is built such that the images you snap are professional looking and gives you the creative freedom from the get-go.

The other big feature of the P9 is the battery usage. With a 3000mAh battery, the smartphone can last up to two days – this, of course, depends on whether you’re a heavy or light user. The P9 also includes a microSD card slot and can add an additional storage capacity of up to 256GB, which will be extremely beneficial for those shooting tons of photos and videos.

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Huawei innovates differently compared to other smartphone brands in that they built a smartphone around a professional camera. The brand has tapped Scarlett Johannson and Henry Cavill to star in its P9 marketing campaign, highlighting the cool and fresh edge.

The smartphone will retail for AUS$799 and no doubt, the P9 will appeal to those who want to take their photography to the next level.

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