Huawei P8: Paint the Town Light

When a multi billion dollar Chinese phone company assembles the press of the entire Southeast Asian region in Singapore to celebrate the launch of their new phone; you know it’s really good.

Good thing for Huawei, ‘really good’ in an understatement as I learnt and experienced during a three day stint in Singapore where the new Huawei P8 mobile was given the opportunity to be put through its more-than-capable paces.

Huawei is as hard a phone to find in Australia as the name is to pronounce, but all that is about to change this year with the further introduction of the phone to the Australian market.

The Chinese phone company is a young brand on the rise and means serious business. Recently, it was welcomed into Interbrand’s list of top 100 companies around the world; admittedly at number 94, but for a company whose consumer-focused element of the business has only been around for the past decade, that’s an incredible effort.

Their sales last year topped 75 million units, which accounts for 10% of the region’s market share – scary big numbers – and they have pioneered several new elements of technologies, such as a 13 megabyte camera, four colour RGBW (red, green, blue, white) imaging and battery life.

Scratch the surface of Huawei and it’s easy to see why their success is so noteworthy. Comprised of personable people the region-over – they’re based in Shenzhen, China – directed by a CEO who’s as hand-on as he is authoritative and with a swag of quite honestly brilliant products for the market, it’s no wonder it’s one of the biggest telephony suppliers across Asia.

Panoramic photo by the Huawei P8

The Huawei P8 is the company’s latest and greatest instalment thus far and for all intents and purposes, completely blows the likes of the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC market out of the water.

It supercedes its previous models of the P1 in 2012, P6 in 2013 and P7 in 2014 by way of their dedication to their cause: igniting infinite creativity and making it possible.

Everything the Huawei P8 offers is, though on the Android system than iOS, better.

Better quality, better finishes, better resolutions, better functionality, better practicality and better ergonomics all in an effort, as they say, to give us a better quality of life and living than we’ve had before. It takes some getting used to if, like some, your knowledge of mobile interfaces extends insofar as Apple’s iOS iPhone. Prepare for lots of wrong clicks and button selections as you bumble about.

Likely one of the greatest features of the Huawei P8 is its formidable camera. Coming in at 13MB on the rear camera and 8MB on the front, it takes an astoundingly great photo from both sides.

Huawei, in speaking to the demands of the masses of photo-taking hoards that make-up its customer base, has decided to take its photographic offering to the next level. By adding features with a slow aperture option to its rear camera, they’ve so aptly dubbed ‘light painting’ some truly great light painted photos can be captured.

It slows down the aperture, meaning the longer the lens is open, the more incredible light photos can be taken.

Huawei P8 Light Painting mode can capture some lovely images.

If you’re thinking of VIVID Sydney or White Night Melbourne, you’re on the right track. Light festivals are where the Huawei P8 has an opportunity to shine, as we were given the opportunity to experience on a Singapore Strait cruise after the official launch, which featured tribally-inspired light dancers, flying drone laser shows and enough city lights to overload any memory bank.

On the memory bank front, though, the Huawei P8 comes equipped with two port holes for either one of a micro or nano sim coupled with another or a memory SD card to boost the phone’s photo holding capacity. It’s seriously geared to those with a penchant for happy snaps.

The camera’s dual colour flash and the phone’s ability to capture RGBW (red, green, blue, white) light means that photos are crisper, deeper and a lot more sharp and balanced than anything you’d take with any other option on the market.

On the other hand, the ‘beauty mode’ on the front 8MB camera has the capabilities of airbrushing the user or a group to within an inch of their natural selves, producing some truly alien-looking selfies; an impactful party trick at best, but for those self-obsessed; a blessing.

One would think that with such powerful camera operations and as strong a processor as the Huawei P8, battery life would be problematic. This thankfully is not the case.

The P8 blocks all abnormal power usage from apps and is said to gain an extra 2.3 days standby time with every single charge. It comes with an incredible power saving option, that though on face value is quite overreaching, if you’re travelling far without the option of charging, can increase the battery’s life by up to about triple its initial estimation by closing apps that are secretly draining power. For those whose phone is their life and contact is as important as breathing, it’s a brilliant insurance policy.

The Huawei P8 overall is the phone for enjoyment as much as it is the phone for practicality. With phenomenal camera settings, quick-to-react timing, massive screen and completely seamless syncing with essentially anything, it’s a wonder it’s not more widely used in Australia yet.

Its camera is a force to be reckoned with and its user-friendly nature, wonderfully graphic screen coupled with its sheer size makes for a phone that is as pretty and attractive as it is handy.

Though the Huawei P8 operates with another version of operating system that what iOS systems most are used to, the phone syncs seemingly well with Macbooks as well as PCs and allows for easy and painless data transfer.

Soon to be stocked in the likes of Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi and Vodafone outlets, the Huawei P8 is a great idea for those on the market for a phone upgrade or hunting for gifts.

All photography by the Huawei P8 13MB rear camera in either ‘light painting’ mode or ‘best photo’ mode. Copyright THE F 2015. 


Huawei P8 Light Painting mode can capture some lovely images.

Huawei P8 Light Painting mode can capture some lovely images.

Huawei P8 Singapore 3

Huawei Singapore P8 2

Huawei P8 Light Painting mode can capture some lovely images.


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