Huawei Mate 8 Handset Sets A New Benchmark In Mobile Battery Use

Huawei Technologies Australia has recently announced the Australian launch of its highly anticipated Mate 8! Remember the launch of the P8 we went to Singapore for? Good times.

The new phone is the latest in the technology giant’s ‘Mate’ smartphone series, boasting a range of advanced features including outstanding performance and ground-breaking power, offering users up to two days of uninterrupted battery life – a major step-up from the P8, which could muster about a day.

The Mate 8 strikes the perfect balance between fast performance and long lasting, two-day battery life, focusing-in on the Huawei user’s experience and penchant for all things social media and constant global interconnectedness. It comes bedecked with a gigantic 4,000 mAh battery, allowing regular phone users an experience up to 2.26 days’ power consumption, while heavy users will have up to 1.57 days of non-stop battery life.

It’s a sleek phone that takes the best of previous learnings with earlier models, combines them with the best of Android technologies for users on the Australian Vodaphone network if you’re after a contract and puts them into a great, new piece of tech.

“With superior advancements in technology and a focus on seamless design, the Mate 8 is one of the most powerful smartphones ever made, said Huawei Australia’s Head of Consumer Marketing, Marc Di Giacomo.

“The Mate 8 reinforces Huawei’s ongoing commitment to deliver the best in advanced technology, seamlessly integrating into modern day life and enabling customers to stay connected on the go.”

Huawei Mate 8 handset

Some of the Huawei Mate 8 best features are:

?      True power and efficiency

With groundbreaking hardware, the Mate 8 combines superfast processing power with an extreme level of efficiency, preventing battery drain and letting users play and interact at exception speeds.

–        Smart thermal control
The Mate 8’s smart thermal controls keep the phone cool in users’ hands while still providing superfast usage speeds.

?      Cinema screen in your hand
Because bigger is better, the Huawei Mate 8 features a six-inch groundbreaking IPS-NEO LED display, allowing users to see pictures the way they were meant to be seen. In addition, the large display makes multi-tasking easy by letting users run two apps simultaneously on a split screen.

?      Capture the moment

The device produces breathtaking images, hosting a Sony 16-megapixel IMX298 rear-facing camera sensor, increasing the sensor size by 23 per cent.

?      Fingerprint security

The Mate 8 unlocks in micro-seconds with the touch of a finger, using safe-guarded fingerprint technology to ensure security remains a key feature.


Retailing at $899, the space grey Mate 8, complete with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM will be available from 24th May at Huawei Experience Zones and select JB HiFi, Harvey Norman and All Phones stores across Australia.




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