The Thinnest Laptop By HP, The Spectre

HP just keeps reinventing and if their latest creation is anything to go by, they’re certainly mastered what it is they do.

Launching to Australia recently, HP unveiled its latest technological innovation, the Spectre laptop computer.

HP Spectre 3

Understood to be the world’s thinnest laptop (yep, even thinner than Macbook Air), this computer starts at just over $1100, is just over 10mm in height and weighs slightly over 2 pounds, or just under 1 kilogram.

Not a bad price point for something that looks like you could lose it down the crack of a couch, yet is as durable and useable as anything more sturdy in appearance. HP has outdone itself. It’s a feat of engineering and design working harmoniously together that they wanted to feel more like a piece of jewellery than simply a computer.

Where style and design is front and centre, the innovation in this engineering masterpiece continues to astound with re-designed battery cells and processor cooling, supporting no less than an Intel Core-I processor in the world thinnest chassis. With Bang & Olufsen audio equipment worked into the chassis, there’s been nothing spared in terms of aesthetic or quality where the Spectre is concerned.

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