Hoyts Lux

One of the best options in cinema-going, the Hoyts Lux cinema roll out is the Hoyts Cinema group’s next level-up from its other plush movie viewing options around the country.

Taking place of its original Director’s Suite at the likes of Melbourne Central, the Hoyts Lux cinema is in operation at four sites in Melbourne, one of which is at the newly renovated and freshly spacious Hoyts cinema set-up at Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne’s north.

Some of its other locations are in Broadway, Chatswood Westfield, Entertainment Quarter, Eastland, Victoria Gardens, Highpoint, Melbourne Central, Carousel, all sporting an exclusive seating arrangement in a modestly decked-out cinema space. The Hoyts Lux layout is as luxurious as the name suggests.

Complete with welcome bar, sophisticated pre-movie lounge area and two cinemas to showcase the latest box office hits in absolute style, the Hoyts Lux arrangement boasts premium food and drink options, all delivered with the comfort of professional seat service.

When it comes to taking the cinema experience to the next level, the Hoyts Lux experience is where it’s at.








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