How to wear a pair of jeans for a whole year

Matt Scott

What’s it like to wear the same piece of clothing for a year?


Well, that’s at least what I thought until I had a chat with Matt from the new Superglue store at Highpoint Shopping Centre who’s been wearing the same pair of jeans for over 203 days so far and counting.

He’s taken on the challenge to raise awareness for his charity of choice, Jeans for Genes Day and learned a lot about denim and how to care for it – and deal with it in the most extreme and not ideal situations around. From 40 degree summer days to dusty and dirty music festivals, the jeans and Matt have seen it all but have held strong.

Just goes to show how well a good pair of jeans can be.


“My name’s Matt and I love denim. There’s nothing like that perfect pair of jeans, we live our lives in them, they reflect all those moments we experience in time, absorbing our lifestyle like a blank liveable canvas.

The raw denim journey has captivated denim geeks for decades. Beginning with an untouched, pristine indigo denim jean, over the days, weeks, months and years the fabric relaxes, fades and fits like no other. This is when denim becomes a true second skin.

Being a part of Glue Store, I’m fortunate enough to work with true denim lovers, some of the world’s most historic and respected denim brands, as well as modern pioneers in the market. Of all the experiences I’ve had with denim over the years, the challenge I am undertaking, is certainly a first for me.

Over the next 300 days, I will be living in the one pair of jeans. Every day, the same pair, to work, to party, to rest, to everything! The journey will be tough (an Australian Summer in raw denim!) but the outcome will be worth it with all money raised to be donated to the Jeans for Genes charity, to help raise funds for vital children’s medical research.”

I got to have a chat with Matt and ask some more nitty-gritty questions…

What made you want to wear the same pair of jeans for a year?

The idea came about around last year’s Jeans for Genes day. I’ve long loved denim and am lucky enough to work with an awesome selection every day, however, to wear the same pair every day (especially through summer!) seemed crazy. I received a great response and loads of support for the idea. Before I knew it I was underway.

What’s your tie to Jeans for Genes day that inspired such a – for most – cringworthy experiment?

Jeans for Genes is such an inspiring charity with a strong tradition that has helped raise funds for vital medical research for many years. In recent years we have run fund raisers for the charity throughout our stores and being in the denim business, I wondered what I could do to help the cause and raise awareness. I work with denim each day, so thought why not challenge myself to wear the same pair right up until the next Jeans for Genes day and collect some donations on the way.

Doesn’t wearing the same jeans each day just feel gross?

Most people think it’s pretty gross. There have certainly been some tough days along the way; the record hot 46 degree Sydney day, wearing jeans to music festivals, building new stores in a heat wave, getting caught in the rain and having to wear jeans that were totally wet, just to name a few. Raw denim is a very resilient fabric, the great thing about it is the more you throw at it, the more interesting it looks, it becomes an extension of you, a canvas that reflects how you live your life.

What are some tips to the hardcore denim lovers out there on keeping jeans one would wear every day for a year, clean?

The key to protecting your jeans is to wash them as little as possible. Most people hate the idea of not washing their jeans, but typically, raw denim should be worn for at least 6 months before washing. Naturally your jeans might start to smell a little bit, I’ve been using an Australian product called Mr. Black’s Denim Refresh. It is an antibacterial spray formulated for jeans to kill germs and make them smell as fresh as day one, it’s been a massive help over the months!

How is awareness raising going for your charity of choice?

It’s certainly been a talking point over the months. Some people are intrigued, some people are excited, some people are just plain disgusted, but overall everyone has been extremely supportive. It’s great to be able to do something that highlights such a devoted charity.

What’s the best type of denim for durability and lasting?

I’m wearing a Japanese Raw Selvage denim made by Dutch brand Denham. Denham are renowned for making jeans to the highest quality and with dedication to detail. Typically, the thicker the denim the more durable it will be, if you want your jeans to last, go for something around 14oz. While it might take a bit more time to become comfortable, once you break them in you will have a pair of jeans that fits unique and perfectly to you. My jeans were stiff at first, but now putting them on is as comforting as a warm hug.

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