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How to style your place with Cherie Barber

If you’ve got your own place, renting your own place, or just generally exist inside of four walls, you know how hard styling the space right can be.

Some are blessed at it, others are not. But thankfully, the likes of Cherie Barber exist to help all us blind and tasteless interior appreciators through from end-to-end in the interior styling and design process without hitting ‘detonate’ on your bank account balance.

There are lots of ways to go about styling your spaces, but Cherie’s approach is pretty simple: employ the services of a professional stylist.

“I always maintain that styling adds about 10% to the price you’ll fetch on a property you’re selling, so it’s well worth the investment. A good professional stylist will successfully target the right demographic, play up all the best features of the home and downplay any negatives,” she said.

Then, of course, there’s the issue of where to actually begin. Tough! Do you sprinkle that 10% increase all over the rooms of the house or really go to town on one room, maximising its appearance and benefit to the home as a whole?

The answer is simple, and really makes sense, according to Cherie’s years of experience in renovating homes in little-to-no-time.

“You definitely need to look at the space as a whole, as it’s important to pull the entire look together and get a cohesive feel, whether it’s Hamptons, modern, Scandinavian, traditional, etc.  Choosing a coordinated colour scheme and ensuring that your furniture placement suits the most practical traffic flow through the property is important. The architecture of the building will often inform the interior style – for example, an old warehouse might suit an industrial or rustic feel that taps into the fabric of the building,” she explained.

Of course, it’s all well and good to look at a space as a whole and style for it, but what if you have no idea what you like?

Often homes are struck down (or up, depending on your take) with an eclectic mix of styles and influences that span generations, decades and movements, so getting one cohesive look can often be tough. The latest trend to have a strangle hold on the world of interiors is the Scandiavian or “Scandi” movement.

“I love the blonde, clean lines of Scandi. I’m a huge fan of mid-century furnishings, and the two have a lot in common,” said Cherie.

The thing to note with Scandi, though, is that it’s a move that requires a bold move or not very much at all. Neutral colours with a focus on texture, fabrics and the quality of materials really shine through strong with this trend that colour, while it is lent well to the trend, isn’t what it’s all about.

“A pop of colour for a front door will really make a place stand out. And sometimes I’ll go for a moody palette for an interior (think some of the inky blues and greys), but you have to choose wisely or it can be overpowering. A neutral palette is probably a safer bet [like Scandi],” said Cherie.

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Cherie Barber is the director of Renovating for Profit, a company that teaches everyday people how to buy and renovate properties for a profit.

Interior Design for Profit is a course offered in partnership with interior designer James Treble.


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