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How to start your own lifestyle blog from the ground up

There are tons of blog out there, and you know it. But still, you strongly feel that you can make a name for yourself by showcasing your own online lifestyle repository. This article will include considerations when creating a lifestyle blog on your own.

First off, what’s lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog focuses on multiple topics/subjects at once. You don’t need to stick to one niche because you can blog about a myriad of things. Many people will tell you that this isn’t a profitable style of blogging, but hey! You know they’re wrong. Lifestyle bloggers will tell you they’re wrong.

As long as you’re creating valuable content and you focus on few subjects that you know about, your blog can succeed. You’re basically creating a website that focuses on your (the blogger’s). Think of it as your extension as a writer.

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Starting an effective and profitable lifestyle blog

To start things off, you need a website. There are many providers out there: Blogger, WordPress, Squarespace, and others. Simply choose one that you feel comfortable using. Of course, you want to start things cheaply, but you also require customer support.

You can begin blogging on free platforms like Blogger, but the deal is that you don’t own your content. Even worse, if anything bad happens with your blog, there is little that can help you. You can lose decades of work when your site crash.

Now, let’s start with the step by step guide:

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Register your domain. The first step is choosing your domain name, which means choosing your online identity. This can be hard, but the rule of the thumb is to pick something that aligns with you. You can do a domain check periodically after picking a good name. This will let you know if it is already taken or if you can actually purchase and use it.

It should be short, simple, and memorable enough for people to remember it.

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Pick your hosting plan. You’re not looking for subdomain website, so only consider paid hosting. Most paid hosting companies also will offer services that are explicitly designed for people who are using their site for monetisation. There are many providers out there as stated, so pick the one that best suits your requirements.

Publish your post. After setting up a blog and customising it, it’s time to post. This is where you have the most freedom to do what you want. We recommend starting with an introductory post, which tells your story, why you’re starting a blog, and why your readers should follow you.

You might notice some bloggers promising that you can just get “full-time income” even if you do part time hours. Well, it’s simply not true in some cases. Like most business, if you really want to see your lifestyle blog succeed, you will need to put in major effort.

Indeed, blogging is hard work, and there’s always something else you could be doing and our industry keeps changing. If your strategy isn’t working, simply move in another direction towards success. Best of luck!

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