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All about Scandi interior according to IKEA’s interior design leader

Scandinavian interior design is big. It’s one of those trends that started decades ago and is now going through a major resurgence, bringing back blonde wood, clinical and utilitarian design with minimal aesthetics that are all about harmony and ease. How can anyone not like it?

IKEA Hay Mette Rolf Danish Swedish design Scandi cushions

It makes sense that a company like everyone’s favour IKEA champions so many elements of the interior design aesthetic – just at an affordable price point – in Australia. So, we had a chat with Christine Gough, the interior design leader for IKEA Australia about Scandi, what it is, why it is and how the homewares retail giant’s latest partnership with Danish design duo HAY has changed things up a bit.

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Scandinavian aesthetics have commanded about three elements that really encompass the movement’s pinnacle, according to Gough. It’s all about clean lines, timeless and humanistic pieces.

IKEA Hay Mette Rolf Danish Swedish design Scandi dark room

“There are many elements to Scandinavian style including light materials and colours, clean lines and timeless furniture. For me though, Scandinavian style is all about simplicity,” she said.

“A modern Scandinavian interior always starts with a white or light base, from there layer in materials such as blond woods, cork, lacquered metal and paper.

“Scandinavian style would not be complete without add a dash of colour or beautiful graphic pattern through solitaire furniture pieces or textiles to create perfect harmony.”

Suppose that’s why the YPPERLIG collection is just so beautiful. It was created by Danish design duo Mette and Rolf Hay who’ve successfully injected subtle, but movingly stylish patterns and prints to their otherwise minimalistic look.

IKEA Hay Mette Rolf Danish Swedish design Scandi green room

“YPPERLIG features clean lines, muted colours and classic Scandinavian materials. While each piece can be categorised as a timeless and classic basic made to fit any home, IKEA and have HAY elevated basics into must have products with a high design value. HAY and IKEA have pushed Scandinavian design to new levels,” said Gough.

No wonder it’s often a look that is heralded as the way forward. It’s simple and gets the job done. Taking into account only a few tips and tricks, it can essentially be done by anyone.

IKEA Hay Mette Rolf Danish Swedish design Scandi office

“If you love the Scandinavian look, go big by investing in beautifully crafted, high quality furniture pieces that won’t date,” says Gough.

“Functionality is such an important part of Scandinavian design. Your furniture and homewares don’t just need to be made out of the right materials but they need to well-designed, practical and efficient. It’s about doing more with less. Furniture pieces should have a simple and elegant design with attention to detail.”

Gough says that it’s pretty achievable to add pockets of Scandinvian style into your home. If you have a smaller budget to transform your space, accessories and textiles are a quick, easy and affordable way to update and refresh your place, but her ultimate tip? That’s to choose graphic bold prints to play off the neutral pallet of the room.

Find out more about Scandi and do it yourself by checking out HAY or IKEA.

IKEA Hay Mette Rolf Danish Swedish design Scandi stools

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