How to light a room

How To Properly Light Any Room

The proper light in a room not only has the obvious practical implication, but it turns out, light can have positive and negative affects on each person individually. Blue light energises, white light enhances concentration, green light promotes relaxation and red light… you can imagine.

Here are the 4 ways to properly light a room to maximise on every opportunity.

How to light a room

1.Localise your light source

The important thing to remember is that you don’t always need to light the whole room. Instead, incorporate multiple points of light, working with many lamps or light sources.

Choose a source like maybe any of these lights from Urban Lighting, then decide how to diffuse it with other lights nearby. Sometimes a snappy lampshade like some of these can make all the difference; combine it with a low-wattage lightbulb (eco is best) to try with different shades and lamp placements to create an overall mood for the room.


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2. Always add a dimmer

Never forget the power of a dimmer on creating a mood and environment, especially in a multipurpose room like a living or dining room or kitchen. Not only are they a great energy saver, but they reduce energy consumption and increase bulb life.

Make sure you get an electrician to install anything you’re looking at having added to any room, but more often than not it’s a non-negotiable. Overhead lights are best wired to a wall dimmer, but these days you can get bluetooth blubs you can control remotely. These are safe and often cheaper, so look into some like these.

How to light a room

3. Know your bulbs

Remember to avoid fluorescent bulbs at all cost! They suck the life out of you, make a room seem insipid and can lead to tired eyes and result in you looking less-than-great.

Opt for a screw-in or bayonnet LED bulb in any fitting as they have a long life, a more natural hue and can often be dimmed and colour-altered, depending on the brand you buy. They can be more expensive, but are worth the investment.

How to light a room

4. Work with what you want from your room 

Think of what the space is used for and model your lighting’s placement and fitting to that. If you need a more chilled vibe, think of corner lamps with dimmers to add a relaxed atmosphere. If you need to concentrate and be active, think about perhaps a ceiling chandelier of pendant light that bathes the room.

Track lights can be tricky and the key thing to remember is that you don’t want to shine the lights right into anyone’s face as they move around the space.

Bathrooms can be particular, too as there are two schools of thought: bright lights at the vanity so you an see everything, or dim lighting to smother the truth. It’s very personal, but personally preferred within limits. It’s about bending those limits to your taste!

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