Reynold Poernomo with KitKat Secret Garden Dessert and new Inspired By KitKat Chocolatory range

Chocolate pairings: the best flavours to pair with chocolate right now

Reynold Poernomo is the dessert king behind Koi Dessert Bar and to celebrate all the exciting stuff KitKat is doing these days, he’s got some handy tips on how to pair chocolate with essentially everything! This is what he had to say…

Quirky flavour combinations have become the hot trend for 2017, and has produced a lot of weird and wonderful dishes. Rosemary and nectarine, banana and bacon, lavender and white chocolate are just some of the wacky yet delicious flavour combos that have been trending. Here are some of my favourite chocolate pairings to consider the next time you make a chocolate dessert at home.

Milk chocolate + avocado

Don’t be put off by this strange sounding combination. Avocado has a beautiful smooth texture that can be used to substitute other dairy ingredients in mousse, ice cream and smoothies.

The sweet taste of the milk chocolate or cocoa powder completely masks the avocado taste (which is very mild anyway), and you are left with a thick and creamy vegan alternative. Try blending frozen avocado chunks with cocoa powder and chocolate almond milk for a super chocolaty avocado shake.

Dark chocolate + mint

A true classic that never goes out of style, dark chocolate and mint is the original quirky flavour combination that, thanks to the increasing popularity of dark chocolate, has made its way back onto our pallets. The rich cocoa flavour is offset but the cool freshness of the mint flavour, creating a combination which is decadent yet refreshing at the same time.

Try using a finger of the new Inspired by KITKAT Chocolatory Mint Cream & Cookie Smash for the perfect mint choc garnish – crumbled up over ice-cream, sprinkled on top of chocolate brownies and incorporated into a chocolate cake for a delicious hit of crunchy mint choc flavour.

White chocolate + liquorice

Not for the faint hearted, white chocolate and liquorice is on the more adventurous end of the spectrum but for those that like liquorice, it’s a stunning combination.

The warm spicy notes of the liquorice are complemented by the smooth creaminess of the white chocolate. The combo works particularly well in tarts, tortes, mousses and pies. Complement the final product with fresh raspberries for added sweet and tart flavour notes.

Reynold Poernomo experimenting with flavours KitKat Chocolatory in Melbourne

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