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How to do a New Year’s Resolution you’ll actually stick to with Nutralife

As we approach the pointy end of January, it’s that crucial time to make sure our ‘new year new you’ resolutions make it into the rest of the year.

If you’re dedicated to making 2018 your year to get fit and healthy, then we know just the thing to get you through and it sounds like ‘Nutralife‘.

One of the biggest wellness trends you can expect to see all over your feed this year is natural supplements. They are designed to, supplement your existing lifestyle and work with your body so it can function the way it’s supposed to.

Say buh-bye to yo-yo fad diets (read: they’re SO early 2000s), and future-proof your health regime with Nutralife.

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It’s time to start looking after yourself, holistically. And you don’t even need to check in to an exxy health retreat or lock yourself in an infra-red sauna. Getting healthy is as simple as just adding more of the good stuff to your body – and mind.

Nutralife brought together a panel of stellar women, including beloved journalist and brand ambassador Lisa Wilkinson, to share their own relationships with wellness.

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As a breakfast television host for ten years, Lisa Wilkinson knows a thing or two about juggling the work/life/health balance and counted on natural supplements and healthy habits to keep her energised – especially when her morning alarm went off at a ghastly 3:00am.

Olympic swimmer Leisel Jones shared a similar sentiment of approaching fitness not as a way to lose a few post-Christmas kilos, but as a major part of a genuinely balanced lifestyle.

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Fiona Falkiner, host of The Biggest Loser, also reminded us to “love your body, because it’s with you for the rest of your life”.

Now that’s a fitspo quote of the day.

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Natural health supplements help give the extra bit of energy each morning necessary for a breakfast show host, or even those of us rising bright and early for the gym/work/a big day ahead.

Which means it’s time to learn your turmeric from your thiamine and pick the supplement that suits you and your lifestyle.

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Nutralife has got you (and your gut) covered with super-powered Probiotica 50 Billion so you’ll be feeling much more energised to smash those new-year goals. Soon enough, you’ll be taking it without even having to set a reminder on your phone. Heck yeah.

Magnesium is a natural antidote for trouble falling (and staying) asleep with the added bonus of helping muscle recovery, clearer skin and the ability to speak five different languages.

(*= okay, technically it won’t give you linguistic super powers, but you’ll be far more motivated to learn!)

Another supplement to add to your routine is Kyolic aged garlic extract which combats blood pressure as well as oncoming cold and flu symptoms ­– and, before you freak out, it’s totally odourless which means it’s first date safe.

Plus, Nutralife products are produced in New Zealand so you’ve got the added confidence of knowing that these supplements are entirely natural – no bad stuff. Reducing the amount of chemicals in your daily routine? That gets a BIG tick from us.

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As a self-confessed health-craze-enthusiast (name a celebrity diet or whacky workout, I’ve tried it), this new supplement-focused approach seems like the one. Because it’s focused on the long-term goal of living well.

The days of quick-fix dieting, lemon detoxes and calorie counting are replaced with more positive resolutions to do what makes you feel happy and healthy.

And supplements seem to be the key to reaching our dreams and goals for 2018, whatever they may be. Whether you’re aspiring to run a 10km, eat a little healthier or start doing more for yourself, setting good foundations makes it all possible.

Fitness influencer Laura Henshaw spoke with refreshing honesty about taking a reality check as you scroll through your Instagram feed and reminding us to incorporate a different kind of filter. When it comes to social media, we need to start factoring our own health into the picture rather than comparing 100% of our lives with just the best 5% of someone else’s.

Guaranteed good vibes all year round.

See more about Nutralife and what they can do at their website.

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PS: Take in that view of Sydney Harbour!

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