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How to make the change from iOS to Android with USB-C

Prepare yourself, for you don’t read what’s about to come very often…

Moving from iOS on iPhones to Android mobiles is a good move.

If you’re a born-and-raised iOS addict, then you’ll be shook. If you’ve never known anything but Android, then you’ll be scratching your head, but either way, there’s no denying that making the big move is not only worthwhile, but seamless, and comes with a great excuse to buy a whole swag of new tech to help you along the way.

Belkin are the people who’re known as the it folks in the tech world. From power adaptors to kevlar – they call them ‘Duratek‘ – charger cords to backpacks and iPhone and Apple Watch charging stations, they do it all and do it damn well.

To make the move, firstly you need to look into a file and data transfer program like any one of these.

You’ll need to make sure your iPhone and/or Apple Watch are charged up before you endeavour on the whole journey, and the Belkin PowerHouse unit is an all-in-one unit to do just that. Plug the phone in, attach the watch, make the switch; it’s all easy. Have a look at the full Belkin PowerHouse unit here.

Belkin PowerHouse

Once that’s done, the fun shopping element of the whole thing can begin. You’ll need…

Many of the new Androids are being made with USB-C ports in them to go along with the slow transition into the same on laptops and desktop computers – they also offer a lot more speed for transfers – so investing in one of them if the phone calls for it is a must.

The Belkin models look sleek, are made tough and to last and won’t let you down. Coming in at only $39.95 per cable, it’s an easy buyBelkin USB-C cord

Or, if a half-half type arrangement that incorporates the regular USB fitting is in order, they’ve got you covered for them, too, at only $29.95.

Belkin regular USB charger cord

Don’t forget power while at home and away by investing in a unit that’s as portable as it is handy. The Belkin USB-C Home Charger and Cable is only $89.95 and fits the bill perfectly. Have a look at it here.

Belkin USB C charger

Or, if you need something with a little more traditional element in mind, then the dual port option by Belkin is also a good idea.

Belkin dual port home charger

And finally, you can take on any handset, new or old for that matter, without the opportunity to travel far and wide with the fear or winding-up with a dead phone totally eradicated, so the Belkin Mix It power bank is ideal for those who travel a lot.

Belkin Mix it power wireless

And those who just need something to keep them juiced-up to-and-from work like the Belkin Pocket Power pack. See more about that here. Easy.

Belkin pocket power

That only begins to scratch the surface of what’s on offer for Belkin, and what you need for the big move, but it’ll do for the introductory level. The rest is up to you, so have a look at Belkin’s website and got nuts. It’ll make the change from iOS to Android that much easier.

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