How To Look After Your Small Dog Properly Thanks To Purina (Sponsored Post)

Dogs are the family member you get to choose yourself, never want to leave and will love you unconditionally. Basically all things good, rolled into one, isn’t it? They’re called man’s best friend for a reason and regardless of the breed, it’s obvious why.

Purina has cottoned-on to this and made it their life’s work to maximise the best ways you can look after your four-legged friend and give him and her the love they want and deserve. And when you’re a dog, there’s nothing that says ‘love’ more than hugs, but failing that it’s food; definitely food. Purina’s range has been crafted into certain ranges depending on the animal and what their breed and size is.

There’s something so eternally ‘dog’ about their diet and this is a centuries-old tried and true method to gain your four-legged friend’s trust and eventual love. Why wouldn’t you want to keep them happy, right?

Purina’s latest range for the smaller breeds is just what the vet ordered. They understand that small breeds have unique needs, so the team have created a unique, new supercoat range specifically formulated for the little guys.

It’s ‘made-to-measure’ nutrition with smaller kibble for small mouths and has the goodness of real meat without artificial colours or flavours. This way, you know the little team won’t be fussy when it comes to tucker time. Head over to the Purina website to check it all out.


This post has been sponsored by Purina, but all opinions are our own.



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