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How AirSelfie is changing selfies for good – and from the sky

The selfie might have changed over the years, but it ain’t dead!

That is, at least according to Holly Lee, ambassador for the new and seriously pretty cool gadget out there in the market, AirSelfie.

By taking the selfie habits of everyone with a smart phone and a social media feed and pairing them with 21st century technology and the massive trend we all have to loving anything drone related, AirSelfie is doing something new that you’ll kind of want.

When you have phone companies and manufacturers like Huawei building special features into their phones just for the selfie, it’s obvious we’re onto something here.

“Nearly every big media talent, influencer, blogger, sports person, YouTuber and so on are still all about the selfie life and love to post one regularly. It’s a great way to show what you’re doing, or that new lipstick you got,” says Holly, who has a sizeable social following herself.

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Be all that as it may, the nature of the selfie has changed. No longer can people only opt for photos from an arm’s length, which is where the AirSelfie comes in.

The drone camera offers a new perspective to your photos or either yourself doing something memorable, or a group of friends celebrating Australia Day with a barbecue, for example.

By flying up to 20 metres in the air and being easily controlled with your mobile phone, the AirSelfie is something new and hugely exciting.

“At first I think it’s a little tough to get your head around a flying selfie – it sounds hard. But after playing around with it, it becomes second nature and actually makes for a energetic photo. It’s something so outrageous that you can’t help but laugh,” says Holly.

In an era when photography is everywhere and camera phones almost do the same thing as a professionals’ tool can do, there’s a bit of a shift happening in favour of selfies and photography that AirSelfie is leading the way on.

“I think people are starting to get back to what’s real, or at least making it look more real,” says Holly. “What I mean by that is we went through a stage of over-edited photos, airbrushed skin, distorted colours, liquifying and so on. People want to see the real deal and are becoming a lot more aware of what’s fake and what’s not and they’re just not buying into it as much. I strongly believe that’s why you YouTubers and vloggers who produce videos [and great quality photos] have a better following,” she said.

Though when it comes to the ‘art of the selfie’, or group shot for that matter, timing is still one of the most crucial elements. The AirSelfie gives you three minutes per charge of selfie time and can easily be charged with the portable unit.

Try as you might, nothing can quite capture the moment like a candid photo, but couple that with lighting and that’s the stuff a social media feed’s dreams are made of.

Holly says that lighting can make or break a photo and more, “Lighting creates mood,” she says. “When you look at a sunrise photo or sunset photo it makes you feel a peace, the lighting is always soft and moody.”

Combining the same concepts with the creative use of a flying drone selfie camera, Holly says the video element of the AirSelfie tech is one of the best bits. And when it comes to looking good in whatever photo or video you’re about to share, Holly’s tips can’t be faulted:

Posing tips for men: keep it real. Don’t over edit your photos, add more shadowing and keep your hues more rustic. Do not post every photo with your top off. Do NOT.

Posing tips for women: be you, no one else can be you. You’re beautiful. Do not compare yourself to anyone, your story is unique and it’s your story. Stop liquifying your body and face on Facetune so that you’re unrecognisable and please ease up on the blur tool. We’re past that now. 2018 is the year of embracing who you are. Post what makes you happy and remember that what you see on Instagram is a highlight reel.

See more about the AirSelfie and how to use it here…

How to win an AirSelfie

Easy! Simply tag @THEFBLOGAU in your most wildly creative or beautiful selfie to go into the draw.

No limit per entrant.

Entries close 11:59pm AEDT on 9 February 2018.

Good luck!

What are you still doing with the selfie stick? It’s AirSelfie time!

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