How a tailor made bespoke suit can make the best of first impressions


Everybody knows the saying “first impressions count”, and you know why? Because they do. Most especially in the corporate world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like yourself. A tailor made bespoke suit should be a reflection of who you truly, not what the latest trends say you should look like. A bespoke suit enhances the nuances that make you stand out in a crowd. Good tailors know this from the moment you walk in their door, and they utilise their expertise and skills to give you that on point look which your peers and clients alike will respect.

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The feeling of putting on a bespoke suit that moulds to your body perfectly is undoubtedly a fantastic one. The suit immediately improves your stature, enhancing your confidence, with that confidence comes a higher sense of authority – making your first impression last.

Taking time to look sharp and present well portrays a sense of self-respect. Pride is a healthy attribute to have, and taking pride in the way you look in a suit will convey your sense of self-worth, allowing you to keep your integrity intact and not sell out who you are just to get to where you want to be. When you take the time to get a bespoke tailored suit, it means you are respecting the different attributes of your body, and presenting them in the best light to business partners and colleagues.

A bespoke suit plays a huge role in everything mentioned, but without the appropriate accessories to compliment it, you may just miss that edge over others which makes you stand out. If wanting to portray an executive look then the finishing touches are the element that makes everything come together. Most people tend to notice little things first, even if they are the last things we put on before we finish getting ready.

Firstly, the thing that ties your suit together is, quite literally, a tie. One must choose the right tie to compliment one’s body type and complexion, as well as the suit’s lapel and colour. This is absolutely crucial in moulding everything together perfectly. Secondly, a pocket square can not only highlight the attributes of your bespoke suit, but also your personality. With endless styles, fabrics and colours to choose from, be sure to  talk to an expert tailor about what will work for you and your suit. Thirdly, nothing says executive more than a stylish tie bar, providing the ultimate finishing touch to your bespoke tailored suit. Although limited in colour to gold or silver, you would be surprised how much it enhances the overall look. Lastly, don’t forget to polish your shoes!

First impressions are important, and lasting ones will determine your success in the business world. Dressing for success will aid with your overall confidence which will then, in turn, provide you with an improved stance of authority when making your next pitch or contributing in the next big meeting.

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