Hopenlife menswear

A life without hope is to cease to live.

A French menswear company, Hopenlife offers something cool, something classic and something masculine for the men of France and the surrounds.

Designed deliberately into three distinct categories of menswear, Hopenlife creates a range that is both classically designed, quality fabricated and appealing to a wide variety of men.

Their premium offering is a modest but effective smattering of muted colours and tones, cautious textures and within-the-bounds styling, targeted at the man who is after finer quality and cares less for the wow factor in what’s on his back.

Hopenlife’s lifestyle offering is akin to what we generally term ‘preppy’, with pastel polo shirts, clean structuring and classic fits, the range is for the casually dressing man whose emphasis rests more on a happy medium of comfort and style rather than more of one.

Then you’ve got the hip style range, a collection with a strong push in the happier more carefree side of dressing. Slight detailing, more adventurous prints and a more active vibe to the collection bring this range to the forefront of menswear choices for the man whose preference for comfort overrides all.

See their website here: hope-n-life.com

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