H&M Is Opening Two New Melbourne Stores

Remember when H&M first opened in Melbourne? We went along to the opening party, witnessed the marbled floors walked on for the first time, popped champagne and celebrated the welcoming of Australia to the global retail space. Well, it’s happening again.

The global retail giant that we all know and love is opening another two stores in Melbourne alone this year and it’s going to be phenomenal.

Confirmed spaces are Pacific Werribee and Chadstone Shopping Centre. No surprise given Chadstone’s mammoth expansion underway, complete with another 40 first stores for leading international retailers and a hotel to-boot. Impressive stuff.

The H&M Werribee store will open on 28 July and span around 2,400 square metres. That’s a big space.

The H&M Chadstone store will open in the second half of 2016 and if experience dictates anything, will likely be a stock replication of its flagship Melbourne store at Melbourne’s GPO.

“We are excited to be able to announce the opening of two new stores in Melbourne in 2016.” said Hans Andersson, Australian Country Manager for H&M. “We think H&M stores at both Pacific Werribee and Chadstone will encapsulate the unique retail shopping experience that is H&M and we are looking forward to connecting further with our customers through our wide assortment offering.”

H&M public opening - THE F - morning 4

H&M public opening - THE F - morning 1

H&M public opening - THE F - morning 2

H&M public opening - THE F -  campers 2

H&M opening party - THE F 20




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