Glass Brasserie Hilton Hotel cumquats spring table

Hilton Sydney’s latest spring seasonal table cocktail: kumquats

The Spring menu continues at the Hilton Sydney this month and their dine-in restaurant, the Glass Brasserie, are getting even more creative.

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The menu has moved on from vegetables to fruits, mirroring Sydney’s own gradual transition to the warmer months of Spring. The Hilton Sydney is once again giving some attention to an underrated fruit, and October’s hero fruit is the cumquat.

The cumquat is a small citrus flavoured fruit that packs a punch and you can get a taste of it now with the ‘Kin Kan’ cocktail that’s on offer.

The cumquats are muddled into the drink and mixed with two types of rum, lemon juice, orgeat syrup, prosecco and blood orange sorbet! The ‘Kin Kan’ is a completely new experience. The sorbet really sets it apart from the usual run of the mill cocktails. The rich cumquat flavour and the incredibly smooth sorbet gives it a crazy texture, and it’s a great cocktail for anyone looking to try something different.

What’s more interesting about the menu is how the cumquat is integrated into the main dish. The main is a smoked beef fillet with baby gnocchi, spinach, pickled cumquat, mushroom, onion cream and madeira jus. Who knew that cumquat could go with beef fillet?

The cumquat main and the ‘Kin Kan’ cocktail are available throughout the month of October. It heralds in the start of warmer days and it’s a refreshing experience that is perfect for any day this month.

Head to the Glass Brasserie at Hilton Sydney for your own.

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