Hilton Sydney Glass Brasserie cocktail

Hilton Sydney has a new seasonal menu with asparagus that’ll blow your mind

The start of September marks the beginning of spring for the Hilton Sydney and its in-house eatery, the Glass Brasserie. The obvious thing to be excited about is the warmer months ahead, but something that’s just as exciting is the in season produce that we can finally get our hands on.

One of the vegetables that come into season this month is the asparagus, and it’s the featured vegetable in Luke Mangan’s menu at the at the Hilton Sydney. The restaurant is a sophisticated spot located within the Hilton Hotel. With glimpses of the city and classy decor, you would hardly know it was located within a hotel. 

The asparagus is the ultimate spring vegetable because it’s crisp, fresh and delicate. It’s spring in a vegetable. 

It’s surprisingly versatile and that’s what the Glass Brasserie showcases through the bar’s own cocktail, The Aspire. The drink is served throughout the month of September and is a mix of asparagus, beefeater gin, chamomile shrub, egg whites and vinegar. The asparagus taste is incredibly light on the palate and all of the ingredients combine together to make an incredibly refreshing drink. 

Another item that is available throughout September is the Asparagus Entree. The entree features some ingredients like; asparagus, salt baked celeriac, duck egg, mushrooms, hazelnut dressing and cheddar toast. It’s a dish that’s full of flavour and every element complements the other. The star of the dish is the asparagus, yet the taste does not overpower the dish. Mangan and head chef, Peter Cassidy, have managed to serve up a perfectly well balanced entree. 

If you haven’t visited the Glass Brasserie before, it’s a good time to pop by now. The restaurant’s seasonal spring menu gives the underrated asparagus some serious love. 

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