High Street Armadale is Famous for Fashion

There aren’t many places in Melbourne I wouldn’t often think to go when it comes time to scrape together some new threads for the wardrobe.

Up until recently, High Street in Armadale used to be one of them. That is, until I realised just how famous for fashion the strip is and that the likes of Acne, Bared shoes, Aesop and Pressed Juices all call this little strip of suburbia home, bringing some of the best of retail’s different elements all together into one nice, little package.

Bared shoes for example, is a great testament to Australian ingenuity and design in mens’ and womens’ footwear, founded on Australian design and hinged on affordable but quality overseas production. The store’s a treat for the eyes as well as a blessing in disguise. For an affordable price, Bared offers some seriously conscientiously designed shoes for men and women that don’t break the bank and make you look that much cooler.

Never before would I have driven to High Street previously for a good shoe, but now, I might just rethink that.


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Another gem along the High Street strip that is enough to catch attention on any good day is Sweden’s greatest export to date (other than its beautiful people), Acne.

Synonymous with art, design, clean aesthetics and a creatively sensitive side thanks in large part to its creative director based in Stockholm, Jonny Johansson, Acne is a favourite with hundreds of thousands of men and women worldwide. They’ve done well enough to find a fan in me, too.

Their minimalistic approach to their clothing, shop fit out, layout and business model mean that Acne is as much for the everyman as it is for its own niche of design conscious and fashion-loving hordes. Needless to say, their High Street store is one of the most cleanly laid-out and pleasantly stocked I’ve been into in a while: definitely adding value to the High Street strip.

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A few shops down lies yet another store in Australian business’ gleaming crown: Aesop. Since 1987 when the brand was founded and created in Melbourne, Aesop has completely and totally exploded in success, stores and product range, covering everything off from mouthwash to skin care and hair care to tonics.

The smell of each and every Aesop store is enough to make you feel good, but the High Street store – though small and intimate – works wonders in of itself.

Stocking what appears to be an almost full range of the Aesop collection, complete with samples and a more-than knowledgable store assistant, the Australian brand still stocks some of its most winning and prized herbal and naturally sourced remedies for all skin types. Though pricey for often the quantity of what you can buy, it’s important to remember that the Aesop brand is as much for healing as it is aesthetic and status.

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While you could spend days visiting each store on the strip and consequently talking about them, last but not least is a more recent-than-1987 success story, Pressed Juices.

Infatuated with health and wellbeing, the people behind Pressed Juices took what was at the time of their founding, a small juice craze, and turned it into big business, capitalising on what it means to ‘press’ a juice and save its nutrients rather than squeeze or pulverise and turn what could otherwise be a beneficial drink, into nothing more than flavoured liquid.

Clever thinking.

Since they started-up only a few years ago, Pressed Juice and their cold pressed juice business has seen not only their High Street store open, but a succeeding 18 stores all over the country pop-up. With each store decorated in more-or-less the same way, it’s hard to tell them apart, but knowing just what they offer and how good it is for you is reward enough and refreshing enough for  simply walking into one of them.

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You hear about those ‘hidden gem shopping experiences’ in Melbourne all the time in the news, read about them on blogs and see them pop-up on Instagram. Much of them are open to heaps of conjecture by whoever is visiting them, but take it from me, though sparse and a fair walk from one end of the street to the other, High Street in Armadale offers more than enough of an experience for you to never need to look much further again.

High Street Famous for Fashion, THE F, James Banham, High Street


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