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Cure your hunger with Henry Deane at Hotel Palisade

There’s a lot of history to that little slice of Australia that lies underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Hotel Palisade is making the most of it.

Henry Deane Hotel Palisade hotel room view sydney harbour bridge

It’s not a bar, it’s not a restaurant, it’s not a hotel; it’s all of them and more. Henry Deane makes the foodie-restaurant offering of the hotel and it a venue that is the crown jewel of Sydney’s treasured landmark, Hotel Palisade.

Henry Deane Hotel Palisade san choy bao

Their new food direction, developed in collaboration with chef consultant Brendan Fong is like something out of a dream.

Fong was the head chef of Mr. Wong for a while where he no doubt finessed his skill, taking it to the kitchen of Henry Deane’s, serving-up a primarily seafood menu that will shift your appreciation of crustaceans.

Henry Deane Hotel Palisade food menu

Pair that with some 180-degree views of the western side of Sydney Harbour and you have one striking venue, ideal for first dates, casual work dinners or intimate catch-ups.

Henry Deane Hotel Palisade restaurant tables

Fong takes a pretty adventurously creative, but damned good approach to the menu that pairs superbly with a dry rose wine or any one of the fresh and fruity cocktails from the skilfully crafted menu on-hand.

Henry Deane Hotel Palisade cocktails

The menu is divine. Borne from the reputation of the surrounding area as home to the lower socio-economic of the 80s and onwards, it takes cues from what the locals ate and prized in their diets above all, coupled with a few ingredients from a gastronomic net cast far and wide.

Henry Deane Hotel Palisade salad

One item on the menu affectionately and patriotically enough called ‘Kokoda’ is a sumptuous kingfish and coconut ceviche with taro crisps’, which stems from a recipe borrowed from Fong’s Fijian mother.

Kingfish ceviche Henry Deane Hotel Palisade

Meanwhile, other locally-inspired delicacies as baby octopi with chilli, garlic, labneh as well as Asian-inspired san choi bao style flank steak with pickled onions, ssamjang and kimchi make for one show-stopper of a flavoursome explosion.

Henry Deane Hotel Palisade king prawns kokoda

“I was naturally inspired by the venue’s spectacular location,” said Fong.

“There’s a huge focus on seafood, with light, fresh Asian flavours, alongside English, Greek and Lebanese influences. Henry Deane is such a beautiful spot to while away the afternoon, so we wanted a line-up of dishes that were easy to share, can be eaten with your hands, and perfect to graze on as you make your way through the cocktail list – lunch through to dinner”.

Henry Deane Hotel Palisade san choy bao beef

The Hotel also actually functions as a hotel, too, with 10 rooms on offer for the weary traveller, interstate visitor or restaurant visitor who simply had too much to drink. See what they look like below…

Henry Deane Hotel Palisade hotel room bed

Henry Deane Hotel Palisade hotel room 1


Have a look at the menu and more at Henry Deane’s at Hotel Palisade, 35 Bettington St., Miller’s Point.


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