Heineken Dropped – Making Heroes

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Legends aren’t born, they’re Dropped.

The catch cry of Heineken’s latest social experiment they’ve taken to the world to showcase the lengths people go to, to achieve the end goal.

What is that goal exactly? To get home. From where? Wherever the Roulette tells them they’re going.

An hilarious and out-of-this-world exciting adventure that sucked-in a few Americans to go on, at the risk of sounding cliche, what is argueably the ‘adventure of a lifetime’, the Heineken Dropped Dropped social experiment is a great idea, purposed to showcase the lengths people go to, to achieve their goals.

A completely unscripted and surprising undertaking for those who are lucky enough – or unlucky enough depending on who you ask – to be offered, the Dropped result tests the mettle of the most tough, ready and rugged intrepid traveller there is.

Why has Heineken dropped a bunch of people around the world? It’s a fun idea and because they can. Heineken is one of the most well known beer brands the world has to offer and, bearing the founder’s name, it can be found in almost every country on the globe. Why not make the most of that reach, I say?

Imagine this, you’re on your way to a friend’s birthday in Bali. You’re stopped at the airport and offered another trip to another destination for free. Excited and surprised you, ask where. There is no answer. You ask why, the answer; “because”. All you have to do is say yes, click the Dropped Roulette button in the airport and board a plane.

Sounds thrilling, right? That’s basically how it played out for these guys who have taken the plunge and are ready to get Dropped from the farthest reaches of northern Thailand to the crazy world of Cambodia. Will they succeed? Who knows. It’s up to them. See their initial Roulette video here.

For a limited time, if you buy a special pack of Heineken, you will be able to redeem a code and play an online game available at heineken.com/voyage that virtually ‘Drops’ you, allowing you to test your own navigation skills.

For more, see the Heineken Dropped site here: www.heineken.com/voyage

For more of the videos, check out Heineken’s YouTube channel here: www.youtube.com/heinekenvideos

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