Have dinner at The Royal Hotel Leichhardt

Right in the centre of the well-loved Norton Street strip stands the Royal Hotel, Leichhardt.

Its focus has always been to be the centre of the community, while offering quality food and atmospheres for all to enjoy.

Since reopening their balcony dining arrangement that overlooks the bustling street below, The Royal and its dining level, ‘The Botanical’ offer something truly great in Sydney’s Inner West region.

The menu is robust and diverse, offering hearty and whole meal options for the most discerning of diner.

It boasts spectacular district views of Leichhardt and a unique botanical interior, speaking to the welcoming feel of the menu – inspired seasonally and according to availability – that contains such winning dishes as ribs, fried chicken, a sumptuous chicken, haloumi and lentil salad and enough wine and alcoholic options to keep everyone at bay.

They way they’ve been able to meld more fine dining options amongst the balcony and private dining rooms on the first floor, along with the casual main bar and relaxed ‘pub grub’ vibe of the ground floor is something that has the ability to speak to everyone.

It’s a florally-inspired coming together of relaxed eats with a undertone of one of Sydney’s more respected local eateries.

You can find The Royal Hotel, Leichhardt at 156 Norton St. Leichhardt.






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